What is nursing?

Specialist Nurse - Caribbean Sea

What do Specialist Nurses have in common with the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea?

The Caribbean is home to a multitude of interesting and coveted islands. There is year round sunshine, but hurricanes can occur - a turbulent, colourful, migratory route. 

There are many different cultures within seemingly similar, yet distinct, islands. The Caribbean is the most beautiful and emotional body of water. It is tropical, exotic, exciting, home to the rich and famous. The Caribbean contains many secrets, but is understood by few. 

Characteristics of a Specialist Nurse

You are completely interested in one particular aspect of nursing and hungry to find out everything about it. You are a knowledge based expert, ground breaking, intelligent, and care deeply about your specific area. Together all of you cover a huge array of subjects, but each of you concentrates on one particular area. You are proud, ambitious and a high earner.

You are an expert in your field. As you progress in seniority you have a roving role, attending conferences and moving between different practice settings. You enjoy autonomy and independence in practice.

Roles for Specialist Nurses

You choose from a wide range of specialist subjects, including wound care (tissue viability), stoma nurse, diabetes, oncology, forensic mental health, Alzheimer, respiratory (including asthma, CPAP, ventilators etc) nutrition (including TPN), the pain team, head injuries, haematology, bariatric (weight), cosmetic surgery, tropical medicine, midwifery etc.

You willingly swap ideas. You may be uniformed or in your own clothes and may work shifts but more likely will manage own time. Most of you are expected to spend at least 50% of your time dealing with patients. You work as nurse advisers, lead nurses, nurse consultants and nurse practitioners/ prescribers.

You are often both experienced and educated - usually to MSc level and beyond in your chosen subject.